Personal Training Services Chichester

Ways in which I can help...

Whether you just want to be more in control of your health and physical, looking to lose weight, or build your speed, stamina or strength to help your sports performance, working with a personal trainer can help you achieve your goals safely and quickly.

Central to your workout will be a training plan designed specially for you:

  • based on your current levels of fitness,
  • to match your lifestyle.
  • designed to help you achieve your fitness aims
  • paced to allow you to grow in fitness whilst seeing quick results
  • using exercises correctly and with precision to make the most of your fitness time.

Private Training

60 minute sessions**
45 minute sessions
**Ask for special rates for partners training together

Working with a qualified personal trainer can really make a real difference to your fitness.
Training with good technique helps you maximise your training time so you can improve your fitness quicker, sure that you are safe and that exercises are appropriate for your current fitness level..

From the off, we start with understanding, learning what you've done, where you are at, what your reasons for fitness are and what you commit in time and dedication.

Then I design your programme to be fun, progressive, effective and efficient. By using correct technique and having an eye to detail, you can make the most of your training routines and see those fitness results much sooner, whether that's improving your overall stamina, your health or toning and conditioning your muscles.

Cardio Fitness Training

Cardiovascular ("cardio") exercise can help you to:

  • make a real change to your health, vitality and wellness.
  • Give you the energy to enjoy a more active life
  • Help you to handle stress
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Improve your wellbeing
  • Improve stamina and endurance
  • Helps maintain peak performance longer
  • How?

    We build your cardiovascular fitness using with a combination of speed and resistance, a series of non-stop workouts, designed to match your fitness levels and to push you to your limit.
    Squats, lunges, jumps are part of range of exercises that we use to improve your stamina and endurance, using high-intensity and short duration exercises with lower-intensity recovery or using interval training as part of your workout.

Core Training

The "core" is made up of the muscles in the midsection of your body - the front, sides and back muscles around your trunk and pelvis that help you bend, twist, lift, stretch and turn. They even help you stand up. Core training:
  • Builds strength and flexibility
  • Strengthens back muscles preventing strains and aches
  • Improves toning and conditioning to make you look thinner and fitter
  • Combats the deterioration in muscle from sedentary working
  • Improve posture and control
  • For sports people, helps improve performance whilst avoiding injury
  • How

    Whatever level of fitness you want to achieve, having strong muscles around your belly and back can make a real difference to your life and health.

    It is easy to cause damage to muscles if exercises are not approached or supervised correctly. Often traditional exercises (sit-ups, leg raises, crunches) are performed so badly that they cease to be effective and actually offer very limited benefits. They can put undue strain on your back which can result in injury.

    Using simple, effective core techniques and exercises we isolate the muscle groups, building their strength and flexibility, concentrating on technique to make the most of every exercise, effectively and safely.

Flexibility, Mobility Training
A lack of flexibility and mobility in muscles is a major reason for aches, pains and strains both in daily life and for a sports person. Including flexibility and mobility elements within a training workout is an important way to get the most from your body in normal life and is highly important in both your fitness regime and in any sport.

An appropriate level of flexibility and mobility gives your body that full range of motion that helps you perform better while exercising. We build the perfect program to correct any issues you may currently have, helping you to build a full range of motion and increase the impact of your fitness workout on your health and sports performance.

Strength and Conditioning

You don’t need to be a sports person to join a Strength & Conditioning session.

Working on your strength and conditioning allows you to improve your strength and power, it helps you build muscle, and changes your body compostion. It can help you lose those extra pounds, trim and tone your figure and add and transform fat into lean muscle.

As a professional and experienced coach I understand sports performance and physical development. Using a range of exercises we work together to develop your physical fitness, strength, speed, agility, core stability, power, anaerobic and aerobic fitness in order to reach your goals and improve the performance. I use a range of techniques, depending on your fitness level and aspiration including weights, dumbells, plyometrics, kettle balls, medicine balls and resistance bands,

For sports people, we can work specifically to target those muscle groups that are most active in your particular sport, giving you enhanced performance and building your sports fitness. As a qualified athletics, personal trainer, sports scientist and weightlifting coach, I can select from a wide range of exercises to help you achieve your goals in the most effective way.

I have helped junior, amateur, adult and elite sports players to achieve peak performance in their sport.

Weight Loss, Weight Management and Toning

Whether you are looking to lose weight, reduce your size or just maintain your ideal weight, a fitness programme can help.

The links between exercise and weight loss are well known. I work with you sensitively so that we build your exercise programme around your current levels of fitness. We build your routine around small achievable goals that will help you stay the course and feel fitter and better as you lose and tone your body. We will review your programme regularly to make sure that you progress to your final weight goal.

I do not interfere with your diet, although I can offer healthy eating advice if you need, but rather focus on the exercise you feel confident to do, that's fun for you and that will have you seeing results soonest. That way you will see the difference and that will spur you on.

Programmes are balanced so that they help you burn fat, not only through calories used, but also in turning fat into muscle. In a short time you will see your strength, your stamina and your flexibility improve as you start to notice the difference in the mirror and get set for your time on the beach!

Group Fitness

If you are a social person and prefer to workout with a small group of friends or other really motivated people why not form a training group and workout together?

I design and lead your programme specially for your group and suitable for all levels of fitness. It is common for attendees to have different fitness levels so it is important that exercises allow everyone to develop and achieve greater fitness. Working with a mixture of athletic drills, cones circuits, partnered and body weight exercises to improve your fitness we use all your muscles , developing strength, flexibility, stamina and balance overall. Working out with your friends also means that if you start to flag, your friends are there to help you stay motivated for your goals. This is a wonderful way for a bridal party to start looking great for the big day.

It's not only a fun way of exercising together, but also a way of spreading the cost of personal training whilst still getting all the benefits of a qualified, experienced personal trainer.

Sprinting and Training for Sports
As a former sprinter and as a senior athletics coach, I understand the value of speed in sport.

Whether you need to improve your abilities to be the first to the ball, run from your own 22 yard-line to get the try down on the opposition's try-line, cross the court quicker, beat the race to the line, cross the discus circle, or improve your marathon or 10k time, having the right levels of sprint fitness and technique can help you make your mark on your sport, whether that's just for fun or for competition.

I have a wealth of experience and expertise to help you. My MSc in Athletic Development and Peak Performance centred around sprinting and as a senior UK Athletics and FIDAL coach, I have taken many young athletes to national level and beyond.

If you are a young sports person just starting out, it is important to build the right habits, to find the right technique for your body so that you can make the most of your natural talents in a safe and expert way. Great sports careers are built on solid technique. I have a long experience of working with young and aspiring athletes and am a senior athletics coach with Horsham Blue Star Harriers, working with sprinters and throwers. I hold an Enhanced DBS certificate.

For committed amateur, professional or elite sports people I can help you bring out the potential of your sprinting, working on your explosive starting ability, transferring power into your running, increasing your stride length and rate and developing your running technique top decrease the risk of injury and increase your pace. As a qualified coach and sports scientist, we work with the latest skills, drills and techniques, creatively to bring your training programme to optimum efficiency and effectiveness.